a new season

“Slow down. Your joy is trying to catch you.”
–  author unknown  –


NOW I’m ready to pack up Christmas!

Slowing down was a great choice and I wasn’t letting go of this year till I studied and sniffed out every last drop of gratitude in every lesson!

Not without tears, several of us in the Mastermind hold each other up as we each let go of old mental blueprints. And with equivalent laughter, share the most exuberant peace!!

Whew!! I can hardly wait to jump back in here! I was open to learn how ten different social platforms make life better!! Kudos to those who have mastered over it!

It’s not my thing. You won’t find me over there.

Right here, whether it’s an oil testimony that keeps me younger than my years, transition encouragement for those in service, a business experience to help people you care about, an idea that rocks my world or yours, a kitchen find that makes cooking fun, a growth spurt that makes laughter the new norm….. if I can share it, I’m right here!

THIS is to “Iced Tea Talks”.com



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