when oils make you worse

Use your own best judgement when you consider Carl’s experience using YL Lemongrass essential oil to support tendons/ligaments, as “might be making my foot worse”.

  • Is it possible I notice my muscles ache more, now that my tendon doesn’t
  • As my foot feels better and better, do I rely on it too much too fast, instead of letting it get back to 90-100% before running the marathon

As I asked Carl, “Let’s say you’re at a concert, music blaring, you’re bebopping all around, and your wife is yelling at you and you just smile back because you can’t hear a word over all the other cluttered noise and distraction. 

Now, let’s say the next evening you’re home at the dinner table, nice quiet meal, and your wife is yelling at you.

Do you suppose you’d feel different about the yelling?”



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