transition time

I remember those first two years back in civies!! Ugh! By contrast, the civilian world lacks any discipline and I was in a constant state of annoyed because of it. In fact, I was scheduled to re-up a third term until I met my husband.

Why should (military) service to others be either side of an electric fence?!

Transitioning is a constant toward better and better that welcomes everyone.

Proudly wearing the uniform you look so sharp in, or that soul looking back while you brush your teeth half naked, you are one person created in His image to be a child of the King in all your glory…. your whole life, forever, halleluiah, amen!

So let’s get rid of the scary notion of “when this ends”. Let’s tap into your awesomeness now and keep going.

Because as we all know,…

“No matter where you go, there you are!”


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