the humor behind “rejection”

When we take rejection personally, it is a reflection of our own self worth and it’s something that needs to be worked on. So how’s the best way to work on it? Go get rejected! And keep getting rejected until you get over it.”  —Gary Young—

Ego is a funny fellow! Learn to laugh with him.

If someone says “no” when you offer to tell them everything you know about your YL AromaEase essential oil blend, and where it comes from, how it’s distilled properly, and how it totally calmed your blood pressure,… so what?!! You did a nice thing willing to help! Appreciate the honesty and good information. This is not the person you get to help today!

Like when you invite someone on a date and they “reject” you. Plllewww!  If they can’t recognize what a great catch you are, they probably aren’t the right one for you. You keep going till you and that right person find each other. Hint there,… you find each other!

So who IS praying for your help today? Talk with them.

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