the difference between military and civilian soft-skills

Makes me laugh recalling the startled look on my new friend Dana when I answered her question with,

“Because in Basic Training, my TI used to tell me….
It’s tough being a 12 in a world of 10’s ” 

That line cracked me up 40-years ago and still today after most of you don’t even remember gorgeous Bo Derek’s romantic comedy “10”!

But I digress!

Dana, hearing my story for the first time, looked like she saw a ghost expressing repeatedly, “but you’re not mean!”  Military?! Nice?!  Totally confused by the obvious oxymoron!

A more accurate “obvious” is beautifully written by fellow veteran and relationship builder #JustinWalker of his own experience near Somalia.


My experience is that each uniform earning the title “United States Veteran”, drapes a heart with no desire to fight, suffer, or bring harm. But rather expresses the very depth of passion and willingness to protect those who can’t stand, or who won’t.

That’s love.

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