regenolone moisturizing cream

Who knew one of the ingredients is Retin A!

I had ordered YL Regenolone Moisturizing Cream on the recommendation of another Young Living Rep, Vicki Opfer, who yearsssss ago told me she uses this cream as the final step to top off the already amazing results with our YL Raindrop Series.

Since I have no needs, Ha!, except for the fact everyone’s body is working super hard for them 24/7, true or false?!! This is one I kept for “special”. Well forget that!

This weekend I put it on my knees just because. And oh my goodness impressive!!

So I put it on my husband’s overworked shoulder on one arm, and a painful stressed tendon on his other elbow. Instant relief!! And then I opened up my Young Living Virtual Office and added another bottle to my Essential Rewards Autoship where we can change the shopping templet to whichever products we need to add or replace from month to month!

With its Retin A, I’m going to use Regenolone tonight as my facial intense moisturizer!!  Perhaps in the morning my face won’t hurt to look at!  Bazzinga!

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