how the brewery saved my kitchen

More than 50 years I’ve been baking breads and NOW you tell me this?!!!

It was fifth grade when, for one day, mother walked away from the kitchen to let me make my very own first loaves of bread for my History Class Project. Oh yes, I was ready to impress my classmates how the pilgrims made their “Wonder Bread” from scratch. Do they still sell Wonder Bread?!!

Anywho!….. That’s the day I learned the difference between 1/8 teaspoon of salt, verses my 1/8 cup of salt.

Mother never said a word. Nor did Mr. Keim when I proudly presented the pilgrim’s journey to my classmates.

Then yesterday, THANK YOU Great Lakes Brewery Co., I learned the value of sugar! And this super high I am on, is not a sugar buzz!!!

Gosh what I’d give to make that bread again with mom today. Please enjoy this 3-minute video of my discovery and let me know you’re sharing the joy in your kitchen. Like mama showed me!


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