no good comes from “name calling”

My friend was in a trip-to-the-emergency-room kind of excruciating pain so intense she could hardly move.

” I have a really bad “UTI”! “

Except she and I are alike respecting medical intervention as the last resort; instead of the first. This time, three rounds of drugs with her third of such extreme side effects that she knew she needed one last opinion.

Cocooned now on my work table under two layers of blankets, I placed both hands on her ankles that were screaming back and I asked her, “what’s going on with the fallopian tubes”?


Truth is, clinics had no chance discovering the root cause because there is no western medical test to measure how OUR THOUGHTS BECOME OUR PHYSICAL. Same as any invention; the phone, the car, electricity at the flip of a switch. Each physical is first a thought in someone’s mind. Creation is first an idea. Period.

Indeed Linda was suffering. Except her pain was still on an emotional level and could take years to become chronic enough to measure on modern day calibrators.

But the carpenter from Galilee taught us how.

And what do we know from Linda’s first SYMPTOMS/”NAME-CALLING”/LABEL….

  • belly popped “like 9-months pregnant”
  • constant need to urinate
  • extreme bloating and reflux
  • can’t sleep comfortably
  • sharp cramping
  • stabbing pain settling in lower back
  • drugs for a urinary tract infection useless

YOU’LL AGREE THIS ONE IS SIMPLE:  My friend’s physical distraction was acting out in response to shock being told her baby girl is going to have a baby! Ta-da!!


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