wrong?! yes and it feels great

Dr. Prado and I were exchanging research practices at the dinner table when he was summoned to a call from a man whose 15-year old son was tagged for life threatening surgery. Kidneys. The father was petrified for his only child.

They had already traveled the necessary hours across Cuba to where I was visiting, and hopeful for holistic intervention.

Be willing to be wrong“.
–Care’n Boyer Smith–

The doctor drove me to his clinic and, in mutual respect, gestured for me to assess the child first.

The feet said it all which I silently pointed out to the doctor who I had met less than an hour earlier. Family who also made the journey each stared at the big smile on my face as I worked the kidney reflexes located in the arch of the boy’s feet.

I already knew.

And in less than 5-minutes I gestured the doctor again to see the visible changes in the feet. Now he and I stared at each other’s smile. Enough said.

— — — — — — — — —

TWO DAYS LATER, Dr. Prado returned to the farm where I was staying, to relay the news. Back home now, the son tested clean. Surgery cancelled.

See, the missing piece that only your feet can expose, is to remove the emotional trauma THAT EXPRESSES ITSELF PHYSICALLY!! His kidneys had been stuck in a fearful temper tantrum! And his feet led to my question, “what trauma happened 6-months ago”.


Defeat under symptom “labels” (“name calling”) limits all possibilities including all hope!

Hahaaa! I said “De Feet”!

BE WILLING TO BE WRONG is what built my reputation as a sought-after Reflexologist. And as you can see in this case labelled for life threatening surgery, being wrong can be the greatest gift!


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