understand commitment thru personality types


Boy meets girl.

Boy falls in-love and ready for marriage! Tonight he pops the question!

Type 1/Blue/Sapphire/motivated by Fun:
He says, “I love you. Let’s elope!”
She says, “Yes!”

Type 2/Yellow/Pearl/motivated by Comfort:
He says, “Will you marry me? This ring was my grandmother’s. I hope you love it as much as I love you.”
She says, “Yes!”

Type 3/Red/Ruby/motivated by Success:
He says, “Marry me! Checkout this 2-carat diamond; the best, just like you!  We’ll have the biggest wedding ever! ”
She says, “Yes!”

Just like our first three dinner conversations, our next and final gal is all giddy over the candlelit dinner, carafe of wine, the aroma of flash flamed cherries jubilee she’s sharing with the guy of her dreams. Her whole family anticipates tonight and she is ready to burst!!

Type 4/Green/Emerald/motivated by Information:
He says, “I’ve been thinking a lot about marriage. I went to the jewelry store to surprise you and picked out this great brochure that tells you everything!… how diamonds are mined, where to find the best stones, here it talks all about chocolate diamonds and why they’re more expensive. Even shows all the shapes and color options over here on page 8.  That should give you something to think about over the weekend.”
She says, …. …. ….

Well, actually, she says nothing. All we know is her dessert fork goes flying and she is left in the bathroom alone, and crying.

THE END  (at least for one of them!)

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