owie just below ribcage

You know how your home plumbing, like your sink or toilet, has that curved pipe for the water or waste to travel just after it leaves the bowl?

It’s called the “p-trap” and THAT’S what the “duodenum” is for our digestive system! Keeps the stomach and bowel gases from getting confused! Pretty cool, yes?!

So when my friend’s little boy was having tummy issues, she pointed to her own tummy as he had pointed to his pain.

What is it?

Well, you want to help your doctor?!

A quick check is to press the fleshy arch of the foot in different areas and let [them] tell you where their foot is most tender!

ON THE RIGHT FOOT, if tenderness is closer to the medial arch of the foot, think duodenum. If the foot is more tender toward the lateral edge, large intestine.

And all of the sudden, everything else made sense!

Essential Oils of choice: YL Digize essential oil blend for the physical digestion, and YL Release essential oil blend to let go of emotional blockage. Both oils are safe rubbed on tummy and bottom of the feet where the respective nerves end.

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