give more, get more

When I was a little girl, perhaps kindergarten, mother dropped us off at a neighbor while mother ran errands in town. There were other children there and it would be a fun play day.

Before mother rushed off pulling out of the driveway, through the passenger side window she handed me a small white paper bag with 7 chocolates to pass around to everyone.

I was raised with good manners and respect and immediately ran up the cement front porch steps eager to offer our hostess the first piece.

Making my way to the backyard, I gave each of the other children their candy too.

And then there were none. The bag was empty and I already gave mine away. Mother had brought enough candy for only the children.

When the babysitter saw from her kitchen window that I was the only child not eating, she promptly made a fuss and a whole batch of chocolate brownies!

Now, while this memory pulls at my heart-strings for the sweet child, I don’t remember being traumatized…. until the grownup made such a fuss that it wasn’t right!!

So it was wrong?! I was wrong?! I am bad?

— — — — — — — —

Today fifty years later, I am the one to bring treats!

The treats I gave today were homemade and hand-rolled oversized pretzels with that glorious caramelized chew crust and soft center fresh from my 450° oven all warm and aromatic. Nothing but love over 36-hours to prep, rise, and bake. I delivered them to people who serve our community; our fire chief, police chief, and postmaster.

What I just now came home to, is a kitchen that smells as fine as a fresh hot pretzel artisan bakery. And not one morsel saved behind for me.



Today’s experience is that giving away what makes you happy can only create more happy!!  The recipe for pretzels can be repeated. And you can be sure I can’t wait to give those away too!

The most filling thing to give yourself are the faces that light up because, today, you chose to show up!

Show up!

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