why the brand “iced tea talks”

Because I don’t do beer!

AND the fact that “Iced Tea” is my comfort food.

As  a little girl, dad would pull into the driveway from work each day at 5:10pm. That’s when I would run down to the car with a tall glass of tea with way too much ice that I had shaken inverted inside another glass to make sure every ice-cube had dispersed its maximum chill factor. What is Iced Tea if not cold, right?!

In fact it was so important, I would risk my life to fetch fresh mint for this beverage of choice. Okay, well, when you’re a little kid walking the creek full of snapping turtles and crawfish and worst of all, FROGS! Just sayin’!

So I’d reach to my father that glass brimming with aerated froth and fresh mint. And with the first sip, his lips would smack with that delighted approval sound just before an exhale…… “Ahhhhh”! That’s all he said.

Dad is how I learned to not waste words.

Listen. Mostly listen.

With that “Ahhhhh”, I hear,….

Daughter I love you more than spoken word. There aren’t enough words in ANY language to say how I feel knowing you are scared gathering mint alone without me here to protect you, because you want so to share your heart celebrate every time I come back home to you safe. I well up with pride watching your committed spirit learn how to prepare such a fine feast for me to enjoy, and I do, because your precious hands prepared every detail as no one else knows how.”

Yep, that’s what I heard. And perhaps that’s why it was rare to hear Father’s voice growing up. He would have exhausted himself with how much he wanted to say!

I love you too!

2 Comments on “why the brand “iced tea talks””

  1. I knew there was something more behind ‘Iced Tea Talks’. If Dad’s only realized that more is communicated in their language not spoken, there would be more grown-up “little” girls with magic moments to remember.



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