betsy helps a friend

Huge gratitude shoutout to Betsy sharing her latest experience with YL Frankincense. Check this out! Betsy’s pet had the scary diagnosis “skin cancer” so here is what she did…. 6 drops Fractionated Coconut Oil (liquid) 1 drop YL Sacred Frankincense essential oil Mixed together and applied topically over the area 3 times a day. The […]

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that’s why i’ll never stop frankincense

FRANKINCENSE. Holy grail. “More precious than gold…”, it’s no surprise that with issues as delicate and unknown as vision, YL Frankincense Essential Oil is an obvious choice. More than 15-years ago I actually used Frankincense to improve my vision as directed by others’ testimonies and, sure enough, within a couple months my vision had corrected […]

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taste the frankincense

My precious brother-in-law will tell you! Tip your head back each morning and allow a single drop of YL Sacred Frankincense¬†essential oil to land on the middle of your tongue. One drop will do! Frankincense is repeatedly documented for results against cancers and this honors prevention. And how about support to the brain? I learned […]

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