that’s why i’ll never stop frankincense

FRANKINCENSE. Holy grail. “More precious than gold…”, it’s no surprise that with issues as delicate and unknown as vision, YL Frankincense Essential Oil is an obvious choice.

More than 15-years ago I actually used Frankincense to improve my vision as directed by others’ testimonies and, sure enough, within a couple months my vision had corrected by two levels in each eye!!!! (that’s .25 twice!)

Yeah, that’s amazing!! So I stopped. Oh my. And the results stopped. Like, I care for my teeth several times a day and my eyes are at very least as important as my teeth!!

So knowing my vision is getting worse, I started up again maybe a month or two ago. I don’t remember because it is no big deal. You just wash up am and pm and sprinkle a single drop or two of YL Frankincense Essential Oil in  the palm of your hand, press your two palms together so nothing is dripping, and place your two palms over your closed eyes. That’s what I do!  On a clean face, I’ll do an extra time or two during the day becaussssssssse……….

…… the results are so drastic, I have just written this entire post without my glasses!!!