taste the frankincense

FrankincenseSacredMy precious brother-in-law will tell you! Tip your head back each morning and allow a single drop of YL Sacred Frankincense essential oil to land on the middle of your tongue. One drop will do! Frankincense is repeatedly documented for results against cancers and this honors prevention. And how about support to the brain? I learned this week of a girl just starting junior high when she was diagnosed with an egg sized tumor on her brainstem. The doctors were able to remove half of the tumor and honored her own decision that, for her, it didn’t feel right to continue western treatments. Instead, she said she put a drop of Frankincense on her tongue and pressed it against the roof of her mouth; every two hours. By second semester, she was able to join her classmates cancer free. I say “expensive, is not getting your money’s worth”. YL Frankincense is my big bargain!!

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