just use the whole product guide

OMG my legs look actually amazing waking up this morning and I can’t ACTUALLY tell you what I did different. I use oil on intuition anytime throughout every day and it would drive my personality type crazy to document all the successes.  I’m just about positive it was our YL Beauty Serum for Dry Skin whose […]

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of all things!….. ORANGE

Seriously!! Orange oil!! You’ve heard my story… both legs fractured across the shins… at the same time… three months in bed. Nine months later, I squatted to clean a litter box and without full strength yet to lift my weight, standing up I re-injured my knee. It’s manageable and I knew I wasn’t done learning […]

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orange you glad it’s already in your cupboard

So it’s a quirky day! Snow, sunshine, snow, sunshine, the mildest Midwest winter you could ask for. Plus I always have my crisp, fresh scent of YL Orange oil, another freebie in this month’s qualifying order promo! The smell is, of course, so clean and awesome to diffuse. It’s also been documented successfully fighting cancers […]

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