of all things!….. ORANGE

OrangeSeriously!! Orange oil!! You’ve heard my story… both legs fractured across the shins… at the same time… three months in bed. Nine months later, I squatted to clean a litter box and without full strength yet to lift my weight, standing up I re-injured my knee.

It’s manageable and I knew I wasn’t done learning from the pain. I was content Young Living oils are healing my scars! Last week I wore a dress again for the first time!!

I was content anyway till this weekend. I was so motivated cleaning that I pushed and pushed through the pain, changing my shoes 6 or 7 times to reposition how my weight landed. I finally told my husband how close I am giving into therapy. He knows that’s serious pain talkin’. Immediately he had me sit down and anointed my legs with the entire YL Raindrop Series. Our kit was out of Wintergreen and for whatever reason, I grabbed Orange as a quick fill in. When he splashed a few drops of YL Orange essential oil and swiped his hand over my scars, I felt the palm of his hand LITERALLY, like a paper towel commercial, pull and wipe up every cell of pain. Localized Vitamin C deficiency?? You should see me walk now! And dance!!

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