postcard 3 / 3 – knees, nightmares,…

….. my knees have remained an issue of weakness that I am healing from. Knees represent our ease of flexibility moving forward. HA! and ouch!  Flexible has been uncomfortable and sometimes downright knocked me down to give up on the couch. Maybe for you it’s change that wants to lock your joints. That’s a blessing […]

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postcard 2 / 3 – knees, nightmares,…

..… today I woke with the most innocent peace. I was taken to the memory of greeting the morning as a trusting child. “Nothin’ but net”!! So the other fun fact is that with this sense of overwhelm I can experience, nightmares are frequent. Yet last night, not only NO NIGHTMARES, but I also had […]

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postcard 1 / 3 – knees, nightmares,…

… and a flash course in Conscious Languaging. I’m not a fan of labeling or name calling (which I consider the same consequence) except the first time I was referred to as “an Empathic”. It comes from the Greek word meaning “passion” and that I am! She was referring to the spiritual gift to experience […]

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