postcard 2 / 3 – knees, nightmares,…

Joy..… today I woke with the most innocent peace. I was taken to the memory of greeting the morning as a trusting child. “Nothin’ but net”!!

So the other fun fact is that with this sense of overwhelm I can experience, nightmares are frequent. Yet last night, not only NO NIGHTMARES, but I also had a beautiful dream of drinking Green Smoothies and laughing and laughing with the very woman who introduced me to this power of listening to our words. And honoring those words. Without judgement, without blame. Listening only to empower ourselves with the underlying cause of our experiences, emotion and physical, giving us tools to break free; when we are ready to let go. So many others are suffering through varying levels of sadness and sleep becomes a challenge.  Tell them the hope you’ve heard!! Young Living Essential Oils makes it simple as can be! All Young Living essential oil blends are named according to the healing they were first created to support!! And not only that!!..… (continued)

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