postcard 1 / 3 – knees, nightmares,…

Joyand a flash course in Conscious Languaging.

I’m not a fan of labeling or name calling (which I consider the same consequence) except the first time I was referred to as “an Empathic”. It comes from the Greek word meaning “passion” and that I am! She was referring to the spiritual gift to experience and share others’ pain. The bottom line being that when the world is hurting, I wake up sad until I can catch my breath to make the conscious decision to override what is otherwise overwhelming. Last week was too much and, as I considered the conscious language of my knees through words “too painful to move forward with no joy”…. AND THERE IT WAS!….. JOY.  I decided a diffuser of YL JOY essential oil blend timed to wake me each morning will be just the ticket. I didn’t take time to change out my diffuser as it was late enough but instead simply put a drop of the oil blend on my heart, deep breathing in the fragrant aroma, and then the bottle to my nightstand. I asked my husband to wake me this morning by putting a drop of JOY in my hand and, ….. (continued)

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