zyto compass personal printout

Scheduling in Northeast Ohio through April 1, 2020 click “CONTACT US” or call direct to 216.990.3171 to plan your next appointment With more than 600 amazing products to choose from, Zyto let’s you discover what your body is telling you through muscle testing technology and up to date computer software. AFFILIATE LINK FOR YOU OWN […]

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headache and backache all week (eye drops recipe)

How is a headache possible with all these amazing oils, right?!! Well, I won’t win any awards for being the brightest bulb in the room, but I did figure it out… a week later. You may remember a recent post I mentioned I’ve been disciplined using YL Eye Drops Protocol every night this past month. […]

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time for your zyto printout

ZYTO Compass Available locally through March 1st, 2020 click “CONTACT US” or ask Caren at 216.990.3171 to make your appointment The 2-minute video below explains how ZYTO selects a few of the best products for you at any given time! For example, a read focused on YL Pure Protein Complete Chocolate and YL Melrose Oil blend; neither […]

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