time for your zyto printout

ZYTO Compass
Available locally through March 1st, 2020
click “CONTACT US” or ask Caren at 216.990.3171 to make your appointment

The 2-minute video below explains how ZYTO selects a few of the best products for you at any given time! For example, a read focused on YL Pure Protein Complete Chocolate and YL Melrose Oil blend; neither one a surprise for me that month. I don’t like to stop and eat when I’m busy doing what I love. Needed the quick absorption and affect I always get with our Protein Powders! For the Melrose blend, it scored high so I decided to take 12 drops internally in an empty gelcap AND I rubbed it on my gums for oral health AND splashed it on my face like a cologne for oily congestion AND cupped my hands over my face to breathe the aroma in deeply, both with my mouth closed and then opened. Open mouth, you can feel it clear out your lungs and then, of course, there is the knowing cough!! Not sure which products to add to your Essential Rewards order?? ZYTO knows!

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