headache and backache all week (eye drops recipe)

How is a headache possible with all these amazing oils, right?!! Well, I won’t win any awards for being the brightest bulb in the room, but I did figure it out… a week later.

You may remember a recent post I mentioned I’ve been disciplined using YL Eye Drops Protocol every night this past month. I wanted to see (Ha!) how much it could improve my vision before my Ophthalmologist appointment. Good plan! Great Results! And that’s the issue.

This week I’ve done lots of work in my office cleaning, purging, and computer work. On top of the world organized, now I take a moment to breathe and enjoy my massive achievement and “Ohhhhhh”! Lightbulb! For years I’ve been using “cheater” glasses to read and instinctively, after so many years, that’s what I’ve been doing all week. Put the glasses on! Also likely slouching toward the screen because I DON’T NEED READERS ANYMORE and now they make my vision over prescribed. That’s right, glasses are a medical prescription and over use can lead to complications. I had thought my aches must be the strain of sitting too long… without eating!  See, that’s why my ZYTO reading picked up that I need YL Pure Protein Chocolate.


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