liver spots and a can of worms

Figuratively speaking, of course. But, yes, our YL Lemon Essential Oil is lifting sunspots from my complexion so fast, I’m highlighting it for you out of my recent skincare postcard. Then I open this can-of-worms! Reading my convention notes, I’m reminded … “YL Blue Tansy essential oil topically onto liver spots for 4 – 6 months”. I […]

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hope and letting go

Yep, when your eyes are angry, the last thing you want to look into is the light of a computer screen! My left eye is healing again and the doctor says the moisture sheath cannot reattach. What?! Did she say “can’t”?! Alrighty then, I have five weeks to discover more healing stories! I just took […]

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forgiven this very moment

You’ve got to know that to God, you are the most treasured, amazing of all His creations. YOU! Each one of us, from His own image, one image, a reflection of each other. So next time your frustration yells “he did” or “she did”, listen as you change the “he/she” to “I”. Feel the shift. Delight […]

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