the good news is ….

ThievesToothpasteGood news, my hair looks great! Anyone else add their own low-lites at home? Who knew that a quarter size dollop of brown hair dye, can actually also dye a quarter size brown patch smack in the middle of an otherwise all white bathroom vanity?! Ha! I was shocked! That brown stain was not pulling out for nothin’! Nail polish remover is about the only chemical in our house and I know that would scrap the factory finish. Fortunately, I also know how clean my mouth feels with our YL Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste so, with no panic of safety, I rubbed in a dab of the toothpaste and let it rest on the spot while I finished primping. Of course the stain lifted!! No one will ever have to know what happened! Except my husband will surely have questions when this postcard blog lands in his e-mail inbox tonight!   🙂

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