“thieves” oil blend partnered with “immupower”

20160912_1527111My gumption tank was full and I wasn’t sitting down! This week’s project was our fireplace wall and I was determined for the contemporary flare of a poured cement wall. Beautiful! The final step was to seal the wall with water-based polyurethane. No such thing as “no odor” when you are working with that much chemical and the fumes quickly filled the space. I reached for a single drop of YL Awaken oil blend (to awaken my creativity) and slipped it under my nose on a cotton square which I strapped to my face with a bandana like a well prepared cowboy. Immediate difference but my sinuses were already swelling shut with those first couple of breaths. Time to kick up my immune system to fight off the inevitable sinus infection…. not my first rodeo! I filled and swallowed a gelcap of approximately 20 drops of YL Immupower oil blend. A couple hours later about 20 drops of YL Thieves oil blend; also in a filled gelcap. Before washing up, I took another full gelcap of YL Immupower oil blend. That afternoon I had ingested somewhere around 60 drops of essential oils with no downward side effects!!  I bypassed the illness response from such chemicals and synthetics because I learned from experience, again and again, the power of supporting your body systems with essential oils BEFORE trauma sets in. THAT’s why you have your oils on hand. Same reason you don’t wait till you’re bleeding to buy band-aids! Remember YL Clear Capsules on your next order too!

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