thieves lozenges and new cough drops

ThievesLozengesMy first YL Thieves Lozenge was too strong too but now they’re on my Top-10 list! Getting used to pure essential oils and infused products, like the lozenges, can get your attention when you’re already toxic from surrounding chemicals and medications. My first few times I’d put the lozenge in my mouth for a moment then wrap it up till later. It was working! Powerful good stuff and especially noted for sinus drainage, sore throats, and allergy type suffering. So what do you do when the person is literally a child or just refuses the power of Thieves oil blend??….  I put an unwrapped YL Thieves Lozenge or the new YL Thieves Infused Cough Drops into a porcelain mug and top with a half cup hot water. As it dissolves, sip the flavorful aroma as you would the best spice tea ever! Which means a single drop of YL Lemon essential oil makes a nice added dose of goodness!!

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