hope and letting go

Yep, when your eyes are angry, the last thing you want to look into is the light of a computer screen! My left eye is healing again and the doctor says the moisture sheath cannot reattach.

What?! Did she say “can’t”?! Alrighty then, I have five weeks to discover more healing stories! I just took my Zyto reading and up pops YL Release oil blend at 24 markers and YL Melissa essential oil for 14.

Those numbers are extremely high indeed, bottom line, those two products will greatly support my body right now and I’m excited!! I put a drop of each oil circling the bone around my eyes not letting anything linger inside. I’m hopeful to let go of the larger floaters. Best I can offer on results is to ask me in three weeks. What I do know is that our ‘Release‘ blend supports letting go of frustration, which would be hysterical to anyone who knows the story behind our floors finally resolved next week.

Melissa‘ oil supports encouragement and is also in our YL Hope oil blend which was formulated years ago when Gary Young went to the hospital bed of a critically ill woman. To be brief, when the woman was able to sit up in bed the next day, her daughter told Gary, “you gave my mother hope”. He also later learned the woman’s name was “Melissa”, and the combination of oils he used that day had it’s name…..HOPE.

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