asthma protocol for garrett’s brother :)

“He’s gonna die of asthma like his grandma!” That’s one of the first things my future mother-in-law said to me.

Darling husband brought a drawer FULL of inhalers and drugs into our marriage. I’ve even heard Cortisone and Steroids used in cases. Back then, like any good husband, mine wanted nothing to do with my coaxing to just TRY my new oils. Till I gave in too, to his drugs, and stepped aside crying my eyes out many nights instead of sleeping while listening to his violent cough convince me I would be a young widow. I was so scared.

This Valentine’s Day we celebrate 27 years together in part because he gave me the most wonderful surprise!  The very protocol sheet attached here! With the help of my ‘Essential Oils Desk Reference’ book and a desperate curiosity, he figured it out!  Surely we all know a Valentine to help with this recipe and a card infused with RC!

Young Living RC Essential Oil blend
Young Living Ravintsara Essential Oil (in blend only until back in stock)
Young Living Thieves Essential Oil blend

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