“bridge of spies” the movie

movie_bridgeofsp_donovan“That’s how I see you”…. the words of my little brother who told me to watch this movie based on real life the year I was born. His referral to James B. Donovan made it personal and we sat riveted for 2 1/2 hours as history played out on screen.

This over-the-top movie is clear on “dedication to the process“, “everyone deserves the chance for a better life“, and “it isn’t too dangerous, it’s too important“.

Does this week feel too hard? Whether by phone, book, or webcast, even I spend at least thirty minutes everyday with one of my mentors. Protects my focus and life purpose. And inspiration such as Mr. Donovan’s story makes any of my weeks look laughably easy. There is a person, or two, waiting to hear your story how using essential oils has impacted your quality of life, or whatever else it is you need to say or do! Show up! I think you’ll agree, this life, “it’s too important“.

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