liver spots and a can of worms

Figuratively speaking, of course.

But, yes, our YL Lemon Essential Oil is lifting sunspots from my complexion so fast, I’m highlighting it for you out of my recent skincare postcard.

Then I open this can-of-worms! Reading my convention notes, I’m reminded …

YL Blue Tansy essential oil topically onto liver spots for 4 – 6 months”.

I want THAT too! Liver spots, to my understanding, are an actual indicator to cleanse the liver. So it makes sense this oil, used in liver support, would cleanse applying topically to spots too.

While quality Blue Tansy is in short supply, you can still benefit from it in our blends such as  Acceptance, Dream Catcher, Highest Potential, Release, and Valor; all of whose names make sense against the anger stored in the liver’s energy. Blue Tansy is also in the YL JuvaFlex essential oil blend created for liver cleansing and in YL Kidscents Tender Tush, a most versatile gel that smells amazing, great for baby soft skin all over, and knocks out my contact dermatitis! So glad it is back in stock!

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