gary young, a smile wearing boots

Mending a broken heart.

Then this reminder that laugher is just waiting for us to let it fly! Oh my, our Gary was always another laugh waiting to happen…. here at the farm he’s torn between helping me out of the water, or pushing me in.

He pushed!     😊

Last week’s post from “Essential Oil Products we use mosthere on IcedTeaTalks, I shared a picture of my makeshift hot tub and its 320 bottles of used oils!

Until you have another stash of empty bottles to do the same, you might drip a few favorite Young Living oils to the area on your body that will benefit most from that particular essential oil or blend….. THEN a dip in the tub or shower like I do so the water drives the oils in even deeper.

AVOID HOT OILS such as Oregano, Thyme, Lemongrass, and all Citruses. Hot, yet great you know you can trust the purity of YL oils won’t hurt you,… and (wink) you’ll only forget once!!


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