the makeup of an apology

“Guy walks into a bar…..”

He sits at the counter. Moments later, you his best friend, walks up from behind dressed like a circus clown. Whole kit and caboodle!

The birthday boy sitting at the counter turns around startled by the bright white makeup and red nose in his face, and leaps out of the way taking with him the contents of his drink and the glass it was in, into two different directions.

To which you, his friend, has a choice to show your love…..

A.  Dude, I’m sorry! I wanted to surprise you and forgot completely how afraid you are of clowns! Please forgive me.

B.  Dude, I’m sorry, it’s just a clown! If you’re gonna be like that forget me celebrating your birthday ever again! I’m outta here.

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

There is a defining word that dramatically changes your intention. Did you hear it?!

So did he.

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