have you met my sponsor

After last week’s blog when we affirmed “Would you like to do something about it”, your next question would be one of:

“Is it okay with you if…”

…. if I text you the link to a fun story! It shows you how we get paid then [your scheduled follow-up] you’ll know what questions to ask [your sponsor Care’n] and I! May I do that for you?

…. if we plan 20-minutes to introduce you to my sponsor? Care’n is a huge support and she loves an iced tea! You can ask her anything. It’s a hoot! May I do that for you?!

…. if we get my friend Care’n on the phone? She’s been with Young Living for 20-years and she’s awesome! I know you’ll enjoy talking with her and then we can both get the answer while I’m still learning. I have her number right here, may I do that for you?!

…. if I have my friend Care’n give you a call? (bla bla, LOL, say something nice that’s true)  I can give her your number and best time to call, may I do that for you?!

…. if I share a drop of my Peppermint oil (for example). I hear you talking about headaches and this is what I put on the back of my neck to relieve the pressure. (hold out your open palm so they know how to accept your kind gesture).

— — — — — — — — — —

Simple! yes??!

So, may I ask IS IT OKAY WITH YOU IF I introduce MY sponsor Pammy here on the left?! She and Richie live in San Francisco where they both flourish in their professional creative talents. They are such precious souls through and through!! Pammy also does counsel and healing arts. Oh, and wait till you hear the divinely guided story how we met in New York and why they call me “Cheesecake Queen”!!

Gives me chills remembering that single moment we knew it was forever!! Want to hear the rest of the story?!


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