she calls me dear Yoda

Thank you back my dear Janna Le! For all your support and input through the years! It’s great to speak the same language!!

“But try if.”

Well, that’s not really a sentence to anyone!

THESE ARE THE THREE WORDS you are going to wonder how they ever made it into English language.

It also answers our last “Transitioning to better and better” category blog asking what is the ONE WORD in conversation that changes your intention.

That word is “IF”. And it erases every other blah blah blah word of an apology (and any other topic).

In fact, it is intentional that the last post is titled, “Makeup of an Apology” because “IF” turns the apology into one made up.

“Try” and “But” become 4-letter words while
“If” steals commitment to take responsibility.

And we all know, “DO OR DO NOT….” – Yoda


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