the difference between guilt and guilty

Guilty equates responsibility. Those responsible hold any chance of power to change the outcome, and to receive forgiveness.

Guilt, on the other hand, is self inflicted suffering with no connection as to whether you are, or you are not, guilty. An internal struggle to accept reality.

I’ve always known that if something could be my fault, it is a gift of power to repair the situation! When someone else is responsible, if their answer is a band-aid, then festering wounds under a coverup is all ya’ got.

And don’t even think about taking responsibility for shame (“a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior”) that belongs to someone else. That’s stealing!!

Where there is guilt there is pain. Period.

So you can see it is SUPER IMPORTANT to your physical wellbeing too, your discovery to let everyone keep their own responsibility. It belongs to them.

This reminder keeps it simple…..

Do not assign emotion to anything out of your control.
Do not assign emotion to anything out of your control.
Do not assign emotion to anything out of your control.

— — — — — — — —

BONUS: Anoint feet and chest with 2 drops each YL Forgiveness and Gratitude essential oil blends. Then let it go with YL Release essential oil blend. And when you ARE responsible, say so! Super powers!


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