the potential of being open

Did you receive one of these training opportunities too?

–  How to “Close the Sale” with these five new strategies  –

Amateur.  Yikes!

Keep conversations open!!!!! CLOSING is the last thing you want to do in any relationship, yes?! When we close, it’s over.

Which means YOU stay open too!

Let your audience mimic your open mind, bright open eyes, and open listening ears! Because, sure, does even a part-time Network Marketing profession have an answer to the problem they want out of?!!  Likely a big ole’ easy YES!!

Still, some people aren’t done nursing their problem, learning its life lesson. If you push to take the situation from them before THEY decide they are ready to let go, YOU are the enemy! And guess what?! YOU would feel the same way! So don’t do that.

When you make the offer, “Would you like to do something about it”, if they change the subject or try to impress you with their well-thought-out list of reasons why they couldn’t possibly be amazing, LEAVE THEM ALONE.

First and last, respect! Always respect.

 QUICK SHOUTOUT:  I was filming my Cuban friend here outside my bedroom because country girl that I am actually thought cocka-doodle-do was coming from the proud peacock each morning and you just had to see for yourself!
Sorry, Mr. Rooster. I’ll turn in my cowgirl member’s card tomorrow 🙂


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