let me help you say “no”

So you’re talking to someone who is transitioning between jobs (or thinking about it), and yet they still brush off your profession that you know to be a perfect match for all their wants and needs! They are ready for you with ALL of only two excuses….

1. Time, “not enough as it is”
2. Location, “could be moving within the year”

So you ask your friend, “Is there anything else?”


— — — — — — — —

The business of Network Marketing is all about TIME LEVERAGE working from ANY LOCATION!!

Which means that when you are offered a solution to what you want to change, don’t stall out your vehicle or hand the keys over to fear!

“Fear is lousy with directions.”
–Care’n Boyer Smith–

The only excuse is the one we make up! The lie.

And, as a professional, you already know excuses are a desperation, that only leads to the next lie!

Of course they don’t have the time! That’s why you’re talking to them now so they can experience what leveraging time freedom looks like! What you offer is merely another option they might be open to, like you were!

Don’t buy into lies. It’s creepy.

It feels creepy for the person rambling too!

Instead, let’s help our prospect take the opportunity to be honest with us and themselves, as in this case, the overwhelming concern for ailing parents.

Sometimes “no, thank you” is a great decision!

It’s okay to say “no”!


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