don’t talk your prospect out of it!

Imagine this is your year! You’ve been patient and now finally here you are at the biggest, best Outdoor Living Store and you know exactly what you want!

Hot Tub!

That’s the one! Round and rugged like the tall wooden water towers you’ve seen in the old western movies, sized for 8 people comfortably, and just the right amount of water jets in all the right places. Without a doubt THIS IS THE ONE!

The helpful clerk holds the ladder for you to get inside and take a joy ride in the showroom tub. You’re only question as you sit there dreaming is, “Can I use salt water instead of chlorine, like the new swimming pools!?”

The reply? “Salt water is only good for swimming pools…. blah blah blah blah”. Seeing my smile get bigger, he continues, “Well, think about it! Can you imagine all the bacteria off people sweating in 104 degree water?”

— — — — — — — —

I no longer fantasize of my Hot Tub.

Nor, do I own one!


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