what does your prospect have in common with a toad?

Imagine that you’re in your garden primed and ready to enjoy the first rewards of Spring!! It had been a harsh winter!

You’ve made the trip to town and return with a trunk full of bold fragrant blooms, hand trowel, and garden gloves in your grasp ready for action.

A wheel-barrel would sure be helpful and on your innocent stroll to retrieve it,…… Dun! dun! dun!…… dramatic music!

Paralyzing fear takes over! Where did HE come from?! You’re heart races,  “I’m not prepared for this! I didn’t expect to run into anyone! Run and maybe he won’t notice me!”

— — — — — — — —

That was me this morning! And HE was my greatest fear, a Toad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is that how you feel when you run into someone you weren’t expecting to help? Even though we know everyone has their role and purpose! What if God choreographed you together because you need each other? That would sure be a tragic loss to run, yes??!

toad  [tōd]  :  an adorable creature
with bumpy skin, short legs, no teeth…

How about that?!!  They don’t bite!!


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