• owie just below ribcage - You know how your home plumbing, like your sink or toilet, has that curved pipe for the water or waste to travel just after it leaves the bowl? It’s called the “p-trap” and THAT’S what the “duodenum” is for our digestive system! Keeps the stomach and bowel gases from getting confused! Pretty cool, yes?! So […]
  • wrong?! yes and it feels great - Dr. Prado and I were exchanging research practices at the dinner table when he was summoned to a call from a man whose 15-year old son was tagged for life threatening surgery. Kidneys. The father was petrified for his only child. They had already traveled the necessary hours across Cuba to where I was visiting, […]
  • no good comes from “name calling” - My friend was in a trip-to-the-emergency-room kind of excruciating pain so intense she could hardly move. ” I have a really bad “UTI”! “ Except she and I are alike respecting medical intervention as the last resort; instead of the first. This time, three rounds of drugs with her third of such extreme side effects that […]
  • if your feet spoke english - Listen when your feet are talking…. “Ouch” “I’m hot” “I’m numb” “That tickles” Etc. etc. You’ll remember from my earlier post that the feet are a mirror image of the rest of your body! * Bones of foot correspond to bones throughout the body * Muscles in the foot correspond to other body muscles * […]
  • reflexology 101 - #REFLEXOLOGY is the science studying the reflex nerve endpoints and their healing responses when stimulated or sedated with intentional acupressure touch. You are about to experience your own healing power and learn quick tricks to encourage your body systems to communicate together like a well oiled machine! The most basic layout to know for now […]


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