owie just below ribcage

You know how your home plumbing, like your sink or toilet, has that curved pipe for the water or waste to travel just after it leaves the bowl?

It’s called the “p-trap” and THAT’S what the “duodenum” is for our digestive system! Keeps the stomach and bowel gases from getting confused! Pretty cool, yes?!

So when my friend’s little boy was having tummy issues, she pointed to her own tummy as he had pointed to his pain.

What is it?

Well, you want to help your doctor?!

A quick check is to press the fleshy arch of the foot in different areas and let [them] tell you where their foot is most tender!

ON THE RIGHT FOOT, if tenderness is closer to the medial arch of the foot, think duodenum. If the foot is more tender toward the lateral edge, large intestine.

And all of the sudden, everything else made sense!

Essential Oils of choice: YL Digize essential oil blend for the physical digestion, and YL Release essential oil blend to let go of emotional blockage. Both oils are safe rubbed on tummy and bottom of the feet where the respective nerves end.

the potential of being open

Did you receive one of these training opportunities too?

–  How to “Close the Sale” with these five new strategies  –

Amateur.  Yikes!

Keep conversations open!!!!! CLOSING is the last thing you want to do in any relationship, yes?! When we close, it’s over.

Which means YOU stay open too!

Let your audience mimic your open mind, bright open eyes, and open listening ears! Because, sure, does even a part-time Network Marketing profession have an answer to the problem they want out of?!!  Likely a big ole’ easy YES!!

Still, some people aren’t done nursing their problem, learning its life lesson. If you push to take the situation from them before THEY decide they are ready to let go, YOU are the enemy! And guess what?! YOU would feel the same way! So don’t do that.

When you make the offer, “Would you like to do something about it”, if they change the subject or try to impress you with their well-thought-out list of reasons why they couldn’t possibly be amazing, LEAVE THEM ALONE.

First and last, respect! Always respect.

 QUICK SHOUTOUT:  I was filming my Cuban friend here outside my bedroom because country girl that I am actually thought cocka-doodle-do was coming from the proud peacock each morning and you just had to see for yourself!
Sorry, Mr. Rooster. I’ll turn in my cowgirl member’s card tomorrow 🙂

wrong?! yes and it feels great

Dr. Prado and I were exchanging research practices at the dinner table when he was summoned to a call from a man whose 15-year old son was tagged for life threatening surgery. Kidneys. The father was petrified for his only child.

They had already traveled the necessary hours across Cuba to where I was visiting, and hopeful for holistic intervention.

Be willing to be wrong“.
–Care’n Boyer Smith–

The doctor drove me to his clinic and, in mutual respect, gestured for me to assess the child first.

The feet said it all which I silently pointed out to the doctor who I had met less than an hour earlier. Family who also made the journey each stared at the big smile on my face as I worked the kidney reflexes located in the arch of the boy’s feet.

I already knew.

And in less than 5-minutes I gestured the doctor again to see the visible changes in the feet. Now he and I stared at each other’s smile. Enough said.

— — — — — — — — —

TWO DAYS LATER, Dr. Prado returned to the farm where I was staying, to relay the news. Back home now, the son tested clean. Surgery cancelled.

See, the missing piece that only your feet can expose, is to remove the emotional trauma THAT EXPRESSES ITSELF PHYSICALLY!! His kidneys had been stuck in a fearful temper tantrum! And his feet led to my question, “what trauma happened 6-months ago”.


Defeat under symptom “labels” (“name calling”) limits all possibilities including all hope!

Hahaaa! I said “De Feet”!

BE WILLING TO BE WRONG is what built my reputation as a sought-after Reflexologist. And as you can see in this case labelled for life threatening surgery, being wrong can be the greatest gift!

no good comes from “name calling”

My friend was in a trip-to-the-emergency-room kind of excruciating pain so intense she could hardly move.

” I have a really bad “UTI”! “

Except she and I are alike respecting medical intervention as the last resort; instead of the first. This time, three rounds of drugs with her third of such extreme side effects that she knew she needed one last opinion.

Cocooned now on my work table under two layers of blankets, I placed both hands on her ankles that were screaming back and I asked her, “what’s going on with the fallopian tubes”?


Truth is, clinics had no chance discovering the root cause because there is no western medical test to measure how OUR THOUGHTS BECOME OUR PHYSICAL. Same as any invention; the phone, the car, electricity at the flip of a switch. Each physical is first a thought in someone’s mind. Creation is first an idea. Period.

Indeed Linda was suffering. Except her pain was still on an emotional level and could take years to become chronic enough to measure on modern day calibrators.

But the carpenter from Galilee taught us how.

And what do we know from Linda’s first SYMPTOMS/”NAME-CALLING”/LABEL….

  • belly popped “like 9-months pregnant”
  • constant need to urinate
  • extreme bloating and reflux
  • can’t sleep comfortably
  • sharp cramping
  • stabbing pain settling in lower back
  • drugs for a urinary tract infection useless

YOU’LL AGREE THIS ONE IS SIMPLE:  My friend’s physical distraction was acting out in response to shock being told her baby girl is going to have a baby! Ta-da!!

a symptom is never ever ever the problem

PICTURE WITH ME…. Your child comes running off the playground with the beginnings of a black eye and a bloody nose. You wipe their little face clean, kiss the eye, and let them run back eager to play.

A few minutes later, here they come running off the playground with the other eye bruised, and a bloody nose. You wipe their little face clean, kiss the other eye, ALL BETTER!

So again, they’re headed back out to the playground. That’s okay because you still have half a box of tissues in your bag, right?!

Now, as important as it is tending to any bleeding, do you really think the NOSE (the symptom) is the problem?!

Or should we take a look what happened BEFORE BEFORE BEFORE the bleeding.  (it’s not really a question!)

What came before that, and before that, and before that?

In this scene, for example, what about the other child you saw swinging his arms? Or the fact that little “Joey” had put his shoes on the wrong foot that afternoon causing him to climb up the sliding board too slow, which then irritated the other children waiting in line? Did you notice his left shoestring had become a trip hazard? Not least of all, no one should have been using the aged slide that had a missing safety rail!, so that when the group of children started shoving, your little Joey lost his balance, tumbled off the left side of the slide, onto the ground below, where there rests an 18″ stone the children like to run and jump over!!

NOTE:  Joey has bruises and a bloody nose because he fell on that stone.

M o v e  the stone!

how the brewery saved my kitchen

More than 50 years I’ve been baking breads and NOW you tell me this?!!!

It was fifth grade when, for one day, mother walked away from the kitchen to let me make my very own first loaves of bread for my History Class Project. Oh yes, I was ready to impress my classmates how the pilgrims made their “Wonder Bread” from scratch. Do they still sell Wonder Bread?!!

Anywho!….. That’s the day I learned the difference between 1/8 teaspoon of salt, verses my 1/8 cup of salt.

Mother never said a word. Nor did Mr. Keim when I proudly presented the pilgrim’s journey to my classmates.

Then yesterday, THANK YOU Great Lakes Brewery Co., I learned the value of sugar! And this super high I am on, is not a sugar buzz!!!

Gosh what I’d give to make that bread again with mom today. Please enjoy this 3-minute video of my discovery and let me know you’re sharing the joy in your kitchen. Like mama showed me!

“let me know if I can do anything”

Like fingers on a chalkboard, right?

Yet we’ve all been there, so think of it this way….

  1. “If” sends the hope they won’t ask
  2. “Let me know” is one more decision put on them because IF they knew what they need, they would have already dealt with it
  3. They have no idea what you “can” or are willing to take on

What if instead, we take on the habit to say something closer to….

“What do you need to do and what is keeping you from doing it; let me help with that. We’ll figure it out!”

This time what they hear….

  1. I see you have things to take care of
  2. I will help move what is in the way
  3. We will figure it out TOGETHER

You are not alone.

sugar medicated issues

It is their literal KRYPTONITE!

Who do you know who is forever on the lookout for Sugar, Sugar, Sugar!  Aside from what I know firsthand committed to our YL Ningxia Red antioxidant superfruits juice, from a most trusted source she told me….

As a clinician, Mei-Ming applied each of these three essential oils to the bottom of the feet, IN THIS ORDER, allowing 2-3 minutes between each oil.  And since this group is checking their sugar at least daily, when they need to make adjustments to lower medications, they have their medical team involved.

Simple enough.